Thursday, August 25, 2005

[Bizarro World]

Worse than Vietnam

Incidentally, for crazy talk, you can't do better than the Christian Coalition's blog. A choice excerpt:
"Today's left-wing -- including some anti-war retreads from the Vietnam era trying to reclaim their infamous glory -- as exemplified by the "Old Media's" favorite America-hater, Cindy Sheehan, mother of a son who was killed in Iraq -- are even worse than their counterparts during the Vietnam War."
And one more:

The results of the 2004 election has left us with one indisputable fact. An overwhelming majority of Americans oppose gay marriage. For all the fulminations of the left, we are left with a clear and convincing - and at least on a state by state basis, unanimous - verdict.

With the election over and the returns in, (and having lost overwhelmingly), liberals are returning to what they consider more friendly terrain - the courtroom.... This makes perfect sense however, as liberalism's victories rarely come at the ballot box, but rather through the hyper-activism of the judiciary.

It's funny because it's so true: except for that lucky streak we had from 1932-1980, liberals almost never win. But at least they got about overwhelming opposition to gay marriage correct.

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