Thursday, September 29, 2005

[Affaire du Bugman]

The Best Part

It's worth pulling out one quote from that Brit Hume interview. Here's the Bugman:
"The best part about it is the members saw this for what it was--the members of the Republican caucus--and the Democrats couldn't have done more to bring us together and unite us when we were actually falling apart."
Oh really? Anyone care to place bets on this observation?

(incidentally, I'm told not everyone understands the "Bugman" reference. DeLay was formerly an exterminator, which has given rise to endless entendres on his bugginess. This Slate article, for example.)


Lawrence said...

Few things this summer have made me happy like Watching Delay and Frist get into trouble. Couldn't have happened to two more deserving gentlemen.

Great to see you've a blog again. I've added it to our blogroll.

-- Lawrence Krubner

Jeff Alworth said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lawrence--it was really good to find your new blog, too. (Also added to the blogroll.)