Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Buy My House

So just thought I'd mention here that our house is supposed to be listed today. I'm here in Portland, where housing has been strong but not actually as crazy and other major West Coast cities. With Katrina, the oil spike, the (ever) ballooning deficits, and emerging bad news for lower- and middle-class Americans, it feels vaguely apocalyptic right now. So if you're looking for a nice 2 bedroom 1 bath in NE Portland just before the crash hits, let me know.


Absent Mindful said...

Hey, Jeff, what do you think, hypothetically, will happen once New Orleans has been (forceably) evacuated in regards to that Supreme Court decision relating to property rights?

fred said...

Where are you going? Or, I suppose, are you buying back into equity or sticking the money in a "more deflation-proof asset?"

I've been thinking about how we could sell the house off and then lease it back while pocketing the equity, but considering that we just majorly upsized last year, we don't have any equity, bubble or no.

eRobin said...

absent: I wondered the same thing. And I supported the SCOTUS decision.

Elayne said...

Hey, find me a job there and then maybe we'll talk. :)

Jeff Alworth said...

Fred, not going anywhere--well, probably Rose City area, unless we can score something in Concordia. I actually thought about the cash we'd get in equity from the house and wondered if we should start a business or something, since it seems kind of like funny money. But then, in a more paranoid moment, I thought--oh no!, the economy will crash, the dollar will bottom out, and you'll have no house!

This is what Bush has reduced me to.

Elayne, we've been leading the nation in unemployment for years, so that could be a tall order. But my oh my, what livability--

fred said...

St John's, Baybee--it's the Last Cheap Place close-in, and only 42% odds that your neighbor will be a meth lab.

As far as the "cash out," I continue to suggest financial institutions that either a) are headquartered outside the US or b)physically exist outside the US.

And convert that money to Euros or Yuan(sic?) if you can.

Jeff Alworth said...

Woodlawn's good, too! And far closer in. But half the people I know now live in the Johns.

(Cool people don't call it "St. Johns.")