Monday, September 05, 2005

[Meme Watch]

Fallout From Katrina

I've been seeing a lot of of the word "incompetence" bandied about (try this editorial, for example). So I ran it past my trust meme watcher--Google News--and it does seem to be true, though less so than I imagined.

"Bush" + "incompetence" - 903 hits.
"Bush" + "incompetent" - 419 hits.

"Bush" + "lies," by way of comparison, continues to grow. It's now at 5,300. This is well above his late-2004 totals, when it might have mattered. We'll keep an eye on things and see whether incompetence becomes as common an adjective to describe Bush as liar.


Anonymous said...

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Swami-o said...

If you want a really big laugh, type in the words — impeach bush — into a google search.