Thursday, September 08, 2005


Down Down Down

More polls, more bad news for Bush. In a CBS poll out today, Bush is at 38% for his handling of Katrina--down from 56% on August 31. And now there's apparently spill-over. Other numbers are bad, too, reflecting the downward toilet-bowling of his second term. "Strong qualities of leadership" - 48%, down 18% from a year ago. Approval rating: 42%. Iraq approval: 35%. And a little augur for the future: 71% believe Bush is responsible for the high price of gas following the hurricane.

Zogby also has some numbers today. Job approval is at 41%, an all-time Zogby low. Fifty-three percent of respondents think the US is headed in the wrong direction (42% right track). Bush's handling of:
40% - War in Iraq
39% - Foreign policy
31% - Social security and medicare
30% - Health care.
How's Karl gonna get him out of this one?

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