Thursday, October 06, 2005

[GOP Corruption]

Rove to be Indicted?

Maybe not likely, but according to the reports tonight, possible:
Special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald contacted Rove last week to seek his fourth appearance before the grand jury -- but warned Rove's lawyer that he could not assure that Rove would not be indicted, according to the source. Rove could appear as early as today, when the grand jury is next scheduled to meet.

Fitzgerald's request -- which comes just weeks before the grand jury term is set to expire on Oct. 28 -- suggests that new information has come to light in other witness testimony, or other questions remain that Rove needs to address, according to lawyers who have been involved in the case.
One of the reasons it's unlikely is that, according to the WaPo, it "is highly unusual for a person who has any risk of being indicted in a white-collar case to offer to go before the grand jury." They add, however, that when it happens, it happens to high-profile figures. I suspect that the blogs will be alive with speculation tomorrow. That gives me a good night's sleep to come up with my own grand conspiracy theory. And what a good night it will be, thinking that Turd Blossom may be headed to the pokey.

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Thomas said...

What are the chances of Rove getting indicted?