Monday, October 17, 2005


Ninety-Nine Percent Sure This Isn't Democracy

I know many people have been keenly interested in this Iraqi constitution and whether or not it will pass. As with all other US-brokered deals, I have considered it only slightly more interesting than Dubya's latest report of "progress" in the region. Everything about this bespeaks back-room maneuvering rather than real democracy led by the public will.

Well, it appears we can chalk up the vote on the Constitution as more of the same (itals mine):
Iraqi election officials said today that they were investigating what they described as "unusually high" vote totals in 12 Shiite and Kurdish provinces, where as many 99 percent of the voters were reported to have cast ballots in favor of Iraq's new constitution, raising the possibility that the results of Saturday's referendum could be called into question.
Yes, I'd say there is a possibility, however remote. Maybe someone ought to check in to see if they used Diebold machines there.

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billy bob said...

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