Tuesday, October 11, 2005


WaPo Follup: I'm Wrong

As a followup to yesterday's post, wherein I outlined my thesis that bloggers have now abandoned the New York Times for the blogo-friendly Washington Post, I polled several bloggers for their habits. I received four responses, which means we have nothing near statistical significance. The trending, however, is troubling: three of four rejected my theory.
Max Sawicky: I refer to the Post most often because I live in the D.C. area and get it on my doorstep every morning. If I didn’t live here, who knows what I would do.

Anne Zook: However, at a guess, I'd say I link to the BBC site most often.

Kevin Drum: "I don't think anything has changed except that I don't link to NYT op-eds anymore."
Ah, but that site we all visit first for our links, Cursor, agreed.
RL: No doubt - WaPo is #1 now. Better reporting, particularly on Washington, and a free website, including archives. New Newspaper of Record.
I can only conclude that Cursor represents the mainstream blogger, while Anne, Max, and Kevin are statistical outliers. Trending is overrated; my theory is surely sound.

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