Saturday, October 15, 2005

[Plame Affair]

A Little More on Rove

The WaPo offers a few crumbs for us on Karl Rove's testimony yesterday before the grand jury. He was grilled for four and a half hours about earlier testimony--including why he didn't previously mention talking to Matthew Cooper of Time. If Rove gets indicted, it looks increasingly likely that it will be on perjury charges, and even Rove's lawyers have begun to hedge their bets, moving toward the DeLay defense (also known as the ham sandwich defense):
Rove's defense team asserts that President Bush's deputy chief of staff has not committed a crime but nevertheless anticipates that special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald could find a way to bring charges in the next two weeks, the source said.
Stay tuned.

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MnMnM said...

Karl Rove nosed his Jaguar out of the garage at his home in Northwest Washington in the predawn gloom, starting another day in which he would be dealing with a troubled Supreme Court nomination, posthurricane reconstruction and all the other issues that come across the desk of President Bush's most influential aide.

But Mr. Rove's first challenge on Wednesday morning came before he cleared his driveway.

There was a beautiful woman in the front seat of the Jag. Trouble was, this one was dead.

Dead perhaps. But not soon enough. Little did he know that the copy of his Grand Jury testimony which she had stolen would be uploaded to her blog within the next hour based on the auto up-date feature she had enabled. To make matters worse, her weekly newsletter to her fellow bloggers would include the following words as the headline story:

Grand Jury testimony of Karl Rove leaked by Rove-ing reporter (humor). Please keep my identity a secret. Double super Secret. I could call in and have my voice disguised and/or my face blocked out. Please send me an email if you plan to use this. Thanks.

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Testimony of Karl Rove, the White House Deputy Chief of Staff (of the United States) [COSTUS]. How much will COSTUS cost us?

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