Monday, October 03, 2005

[Supreme Court]

Harriet Miers: Crony

Harriet Miers is Bush's choice to replace Sandra Day O'Connor, and boy oh boy are my spidey senses going off. Miers is currently White House Counsel, has no experience as a judge, and has been with Bush since serving as counsel on his transition team in 1994. She seems clearly to have been nominated for her loyalty to Bush, not her qualifications. And people chosen for their loyalty seem uniformly to be not only incompetent or unqualified, but--and this is the most important fault--loyal to ideology, not the country.

In the National Review this morning, David Frum writes:
Nor is it safe for the president's conservative supporters to defer to the president's judgment and say, "Well, he must know best." The record shows I fear that the president's judgment has always been at its worst on personnel matters.
Yup. And this has all the markings of a Brownie in the making. More analysis later this afternoon, along with a daily brief of the developing stories.


Absent Mindful said...

I just got the wisps of news on this before I went to work today, but the feeling I've gotten this afternoon is that Miers'll be good for the Dems, because Bush just pissed off all those Reds that were ready for a fire n' brimstone nominee. Is America ready for a new 3rd Party of Ultra-WASP's?

Jeff Alworth said...

Yeah, that's what a lot of the lefties are saying, but I say she's a pig in a poke, and I ain't buyin'--no matter how much hates her.

Absent Mindful said...

Forget Miers for a second, because DELAY GOT INDICTED AGAIN!