Thursday, February 23, 2006


Busy Week

Despite a full week's worth of ideas about posts, I have had a hard time getting to the computer, making something of a bust of this week's topic. Here's what I've so far failed to address:
  • Realpolitic vs. new Wilsonism
  • The United Nations/models of international cooperation
  • Real security threats vs. hype
  • Isreal
  • Security in the digital age
  • Foreign policy during global climate collapse
I may return to it at a future date, and I'll try to get some more posts up tomorrow. Or perhaps it's a bit dry. As a change of pace, next week, in anticipation of the Oscars, I'll do a week on movies. Featuring, of course, the increasingly famous "Jeffies." We'll see what has emerged or not then and decide whether to finish up foreign policy or postpone it for awhile.

You are now fully briefed.


iggir said...

i bet Bareback Mountain is getting the Jeffy...that or Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Jeff Alworth said...

You know, the bigoted righties have beaten you to that extremely poor pun. It's bad enough to make a Pat Robertson pun, but especially bad that it's not even original.

zemeckis said...

ooh the gloves are commin off early! i want some!

to bad there were'nt more fairies and trolls last year it would make handicappin the 'jeffies' much easier.

me thinks the 'jeffies' are going to fall into one of the 'oscars' more predictable ruts.. which i have all ready hinted at above... gloves, perhaps?

Jeff Alworth said...

Rut? What rut? And what in blazes are you sayin, man?

There will be no gloves anywhere.

zemeckis said...

mostly just yankin yer chain, 'oscar rut' oh ya know like the acadamy's tendency to give oscars for overblown sagas, ie titanic, return of the king. and they have other kinds, hence my vieled prediction.

i wont give up any more clues, my 'insider' contact is pretty reliable and i don't wanna steal your thunder