Monday, February 27, 2006

[Meta, Movies]

Welcome to Movie Week.

In celebration of that overripe spectacle of glam, the Oscars, I will post this week on movies--though I'll try to keep it on a little higher plane. As a part of the discussion, toward the end of the week I'll also give you my if-I-were-God, alternate Oscar awards, the ever-derided "Jeffies." If the Veep shoots someone again, I may dip into that other spectacle of theater--politics--but mostly it's going to be a government-free week.

And, since we're spiraling away from politics, I guess I'm also sort of launching Beervana. I mention this on the occasion of the first real post, which I thought some of you might like to see. (The name is relatively self-explanatory, but have a look, anyway.) Okay, enough meta talk, on to the movies...

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