Tuesday, February 07, 2006


New and Improved Hog.

Here at Hog, we're always looking to improve the product. Deep in the heart of the Kremlin, our interns* have been working on a new, innovative blogging format. The old version--following the crimes, misdemeanors, and polling of the GOP--is tired and depressing. Each day, one regards the news with fatigue and boredom, and no less blogs that rehash the news. Once it was possible to bring new light to the function of government, but for the foreseeable future, it looks like rehashing. The country will continue to be run by crooks, they will continue to lie, and mostly no one will care. So enough of that.

Instead, I'll try to delve a little more deeply into a relevant topic and write about it all week long. The idea came to me when considering the Muslim riots that have emerged in the wake of the Danish political cartoons. It's not easy to bring much of interest to the subject in a single post, but several--that's more interesting. So this week I'll write about "Islam." I'll select a topic like this every week and go into the subject more deeply. I hope it sparks dialogue, because the current news--and my posts--sure don't. I may try to root around and find someone with more expertise than I for guest posts, but that's an ambitious goal, so no promises. Feel free to email with topic ideas or content: emmasblog(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Of course, the stray off-topic posts will work their way in, and huge events may interrupt our regular programming. Hey, it's a blog--you get what you pay for. I will try to make the topics relevant to the larger news cycle, too. Gotta keep things topical.

Hope it works, hope you enjoy--

*The voices in my head.


iggir said...

good man, now you can dust off that degree...

zemeckis said...

islam week? thought you didnt discuss religion on yer poli-blog. wimp

Jeff Alworth said...

Zemeckis, you have, I believe, a rather more fixed image of our standards here at the Hog than we have. No standards, no promises, no excuses. You can quote me.

zemeckis said...