Wednesday, March 22, 2006

[Iraq, PR]

Press Conference Reactions.

I haven't lately surveyed the reactions of particular news stories, but I'll make an exception for Bush's press conference. This morning, I awoke to the headline in my local paper: "Bush: Iraq Pullout is Years Away." Hmm, I thought--I bet that's not exactly what he was hoping for. More the same in other papers:

Troops' departure not likely, Bush says (San Diego Union Trib)
No Iraq exit, W says (NY Daily News)
Bush says future president will pull troops from Iraq (Indy Star)
Exit from Iraq is up to 'future presidents' (Houston Chronicle)

You get the point--of Bush's hour-plus press conference, this was the sound bite people heard. And, one imagines, not the sound bite Karl gave him to recite. Oh, how it sucks to have a 35% approval rating...

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