Sunday, March 05, 2006

[Koufax Awards]

The Voting is Now Open

No, not for the Jeffies--those ballots are closed. This humble blog has been rewarded with a nomination--one of 300 select blogs to receive a nod--for Blog Deserving of Wider Recognition. Hog won't win. The math says that thems that got will be awarded with fame, whilst thems that ain't, even were they to muster all their friends and family to vote, will languish in anonymity.

Nevertheless, it would be cool to have more than one vote. So go vote now (early and often, as Tom DeLay suggests). You scroll down to the bottom of the page, and write "Low on the Hog" in the comments. That's it.



zemeckis said...

bet you $1.oo you dont win

Jeff Alworth said...

Heh. This is one time putting money on the gamble wouldn't change the outcome.