Friday, March 03, 2006


The Grand Jeffy...

Will have to wait until the weekend. Too busy to get to it. I promise to have it up before the start of the Oscar telecast.

Next week, incidentally, will be Truth and Reconciliation Week here at Hog. Lots of chickens coming home to roost lately over Iraq. There were many of us who were considered traitors for opposing the Iraq invasion (or worse, terrorists), but now almost no one thinks it was a good idea now. And yet, I notice no one's willing to own up for their part in it (though, not exactly surprisingly, those who fail to own up are still willing to call us bad patriots for pointing out what a mess things have become). I think it's time we offered some reminders of how this debacle played out. So that will be next week.

Good night and good luck. ;-)

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