Saturday, March 11, 2006


Low Blogging Ahead.

I'm pretty much taking the week of March 13-17 off (while reserving the right to post if something catches my eye).



Absent Mindful said...

Good week, Jeff. I'd say the burnout applies to everyone in concerns to Iraq. I can only imagine how my parents felt throughout Vietnam and I wonder if the dull sensation I get from reports of car bombs and dumped bodies is similar.

Joe said...

The word quagmire is apropos. You fall into it by not being careful where you're going. There's a lot of fuss and bluster at first, then you begin to tire as you sink into the quicksand. That's the part that kills you. The irony is that Saddam is right about a lot of stuff- The trial and the whole orchestration of "new Iraq" is a colonial puppet show. We're empowering Saddam and the insurgency by our lack of integrity, accountability, and democracy. Just like how we empowered Hitler and the fascists between the world wars. God, we don't learn. One other irony is that Bush, Jr. was a god-damned history major. What a laugh.

eRobin said...

Same here. I'm not blogging until 3/20. Too much rotten news.