Tuesday, April 25, 2006

[White House, Media]

Tony Snow is the New Scotty

This just in: the White House is reshuffling media spokespeople. Tony Snow will now move from the administration's FOX propaganda division to the West Wing proper, where he'll replace the hapless Scott McClellan. Snow, who hosts a morning radio segment called "President Bush is our Lord, and All Who Deny Him are Traitors," is expected to more effectively place Presidential lies into the media. McClellan, whose service as chief propagandist was described as "amateurish," was most recently caught exposing the White House in its tangle of lies regarding the Valerie Plame leak.

Unnamed officials within both the West Wing and the Fox propaganda division expect Snow, a polished spinmaster, to effectively conceal administration deceits.

[Note: despite the tone of this post--outright derision--it is nevertheless factual in its main point, if altogether scurrilous and inaccurate in details. Sorry for any confusion.]

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