Sunday, May 14, 2006

[Spying, Polls]

Check That, Americans Don't Like Spying

I can't actually open the page at USA Today (either it's buggered up, or my computer is, but it's not opening), but I see that they have findings from a poll that--suprise!--indicate Americans aren't exactly hot on the secret NSA spying. Via the excerpted blurb on Memorandum, I offer you this much of the story:
The majority of Americans disapprove of a massive Pentagon database containing the records of billions of phone calls made by ordinary citizens, according to a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll. About two-thirds are concerned that the program may signal other …
I can only assume the wording on the questions was phrased a little different than for the WaPo poll that incensed me last week. Side by side comparisons if I can ever open the damn thing. (If anyone can open it and wishes to mail me the story, that'd be cool.)

[Update: Atrios provides a link to another unopenable page that, judging by the url, has the raw data. That'd also be handy, if you're already in the process of emailing me anything.

I also see that the righty news "source" Newsmax has a little spin piece about how Bush's "approval rating jumps six points!" They compare last week's Harris poll, which had Bush at 29% (but which was so unreliable I didn't even bother mentioning it) contrasting a poll out by Newsweek today having him at 35%. I'm certain that the folks at Newsmax will announce "Bush's approval down three points" when the next Gallup is out.

Their obvious spin aside, I will expect the NSA business to give Bush a bump in the polls--or stop the freefall. Thanks to the administration's regime of fear, people really are rattled about terrorism, and a good many of them who have jumped the SS Iraqi Blunder are jumping back on, thanks to Bush's "strong resolve" on terror. But fear not, it won't last.]


Swagy said...

Unfortunately, while I agree with you. The mass of the population of voters in the US do not either care or are bothered, they cant be they don’t vote in droves about anything that might be important.

The polls are only a weather vane of the popular opinion, they have notoriously not translated into votes.

Neo said...

Based on these two links, I'd say that the latest NSA program is quite legal, well at least if they buy them, like everybody else.