Friday, June 16, 2006

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Friday Blog Dump.

No one will read the digital scratchings of an old man on a Friday night--and rightly so. Nevertheless, he scratches.

I found this irresistable. It's insidery and boring, but the payoff is in the blockquote down below, and you won't understand it unless I give you this set-up. In a post about blogs, Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake noted that the reason the Huffington Post is successful is because it features John Cusack writing about navel lint; the reason it's important is because occassionally folks like Geoffrey Stone of the ACLU break stories there. It, unlike the unreadable (and apparently unread) National Review, succeeds in the capital marketplace and makes a profit. The National Review, both online and print, Hamsher quotes Rich Lowry as admitting, loses cash.

Okay, so here's the pay-off; Hamsher's take on the NRO:
Remember that the next time they want to lecture you on their "fiscal conservatism." They’re privileged, white upper middle-class twits who want the right to shovel shit nobody wants to read and then be paid for it quite handsomely. They’re unwilling to compete in the free market. Always asking for a handout, expecting someone to take care of them.
Okay, now I'm off to the bars.

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KevinHayden said...

Drink one for me. I'm sagging from the weight of too much offline stuff, and though my output's down, I challenge all the tired old folks to keep up the good fight because, well, someday I'll need good company to pass the time in the new American gulag!

(I bet I can come up with good recipes for cheap wine to celebrate whatever will still be worth celebrating, even then. They can lock up the physical but never the spirit!)