Monday, June 12, 2006

[Polls, Bush]

The Zarqawi Bump

When I saw
the news about Zarqawi, it took me about five minutes before I thought of poll considerations. I imagined, as has been the case since Bush invaded Iraq, that there'd be a brief bump in the polls. Nope:
Half think the level of violence in Iraq will be unchanged by Zarqawi's death, while 30 percent say it will actually lead to more attacks against U.S. forces. Just 16 percent think the number of attacks will decrease as a result of his death....

Zarqawi's killing hasn't helped President Bush with the public, either. His overall job approval rating remains just 33 percent — down slightly from 35 percent last month — while 60 percent disapprove.
Not that it much matters; Bush isn't running for anything. It must be alarming for the hacks in the GOP who have been dangling gay marriage and flag burning in front of Americans and hoping to hypnotize them with fear. It is one sign that the old buttons just aren't getting the reaction they once did.

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