Wednesday, July 05, 2006

[GOP Corruption]

Grover's Narcissism.

The less interesting details of a story from The Hill involve a McCain-produced report that says Grover Norquist is knee deep in Abramoff's sludge:
McCain staffers said the 373-page report, the culmination of a two-year investigation, is a neutral, factual account of Abramoff’s movements. E-mails from Abramoff cited in the report indicate that the disgraced lobbyist used [Norquist's PAC] ATR — for a fee — as a conduit for moving money from the Mississippi Choctaw American Indian tribe to anti-gambling grassroots activists who would have been uncomfortable receiving money from gambling profits.
What's far more interesting is Norquist's narcissism about the report, something I've noticed during the GOP ascent:

“He has exhibited personal animus toward me,” Norquist said. “McCain, who’s running for president and is ostensibly the front-runner, takes time and effort to throw a punch at me and Ralph Reed. Why? He has told people we stopped him in the presidential election last time, and he thinks we might do it again. He is delusional. George W. Bush Beat him in South Carolina. But that’s high praise of the taxpayer movement that he has told so many people this.”

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