Monday, July 03, 2006

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Kick Joe, Not Me.

Joe Lieberman, in the midst of a primary race to keep his Senate seat, announced today that he'll start collecting signatures to get on the ballot as an independent. He pretty much has to, to ensure that he'll get on the ballot should Ned Lamont beat him in the Democratic primary--the due date for signatures is the day after the election. But here's the weird part:
Even should he lose in August -- and the most recent public poll shows him leading Lamont by 15 percentage points among likely primary voters -- Lieberman would retain his status as a registered Democrat. His name would not, however, appear on the ballot line with other Democrats.
He's far more likely to win the general than the primary--and he's way in front in the primary--because conservatives and registered Republicans like him. So Ned is pretty much screwed: Lieberman's gonna hold onto his seat one way or another, and when he does, he'll still be a Dem.

I offer this mainly as misdirection to cover up the fact that I'm taking a break from blogging through the fourth. That's just the kind of patriot I am.

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