Thursday, August 24, 2006

[Foreign Policy]

Bombing Iran and the I Don't Want No More Wars Blues

Just listening to an old Meet the Press on my iPod (all the kids think I'm a hip olderster with my iPod on the bus, but they don't know it's the dulcet tones of Tim Russert serenading me), and some idiot Republican or another was asserting that come November, the scared masses will again fall in line and cast ballots for the Cheneyites because "the Democrats have no unified plan." Maybe so. I've given up extending benefits of doubt to the US electorate. But let's get off Iraq. If the Dems have a brain, they'll not only say they'll get us out of Iraq and back into the business of stopping terrorist attacks, but also this: a vote for the GOP is a vote for bombing Iran. Who knows, maybe that'll settle down America's panic-fueled bloodlust.

Later, I switched the iPod over to a happier place and found John Lee Hooker's fantastic "War is Over (Goodbye California)." Couldn't help but feel some echo of politics in the lyrics--
The war is over,
I'm broke and I ain't got a dime
Well all my money's gone
and my friends don't know me no more
(Just change the third word to "ain't" and you have a fine description of the American voter in 2006.)


Chuck Butcher said...

John Lee's boogies always leave me feeling happier.

The Democrats need to step up make clear statements of what they want to do. "We're not them," worked well enough for awhile as the Repubs were busy shooting themselves in the foot, but when it comes time for asking for votes something a bit more concrete is called for. Some candidates are making clear statements, but it needs to be wider and to include those whose elections are still 2 years off.

Chuck Butcher said...

BTW, good to see you back Jeff, you've left a hole in my Blog list.

Jeff Alworth said...

Well, I don't know how back I am, but I will be back by Sept 1 at the latest. But nice to hear someone missed old Hog!