Wednesday, September 13, 2006

[Election 2006]

One Thing About Which Ramesh

Ponuru and I agree: losing power in November is better for the GOP than holding it. (It's better for the Dems, too.)

Ramesh, today:
"And the 2008 elections matter more than the 2006 elections, because, again, the president has more say over foreign policy and the courts than the House does. If Democrats win the House now, the next Republican presidential candidate will be able to run against Nancy Pelosi and the liberal committee chairmen who would suddenly be in the headlines."
Me, in May:
But with both houses of Congress, this inaction will only highlight his futility, whereas with Dems controlling the House, each victory would be amplified. The GOP is a purely predatory party; they're great at swift-boating but piss-poor when it comes to governing... Bush, a champion divider, would do a lot better without a united Congress.
Somehow, I'm not getting op-eds in the Times, though.

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Absent Mindful said...

I think the Times might look down upon such adjectives as "piss-poor", but you deserve the kudos anyway. Good man!