Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The CBS Transition

I recognize the switch from old Bob to young Katie rates about 1.3 on the richter scale of importance, and yet I am drawn to the drama. The WaPo has a clip of her first thirty seconds here (Youtube to come), and it was dramatically different from the old boys' club of TV anchormen. After opening with a slightly awkward intro with her standing next to a giant screen, she opened in a very soft, daytime kind of way:
"Hi everyone, I'm very happy to be with you tonight. For many Americans today, it was back to work and back to school, but in the war on terror, you have to wonder--is it back to the drawing board? It's easy to forget that Afghanistan was where that war began..."
The station bid adieu to Bob Schieffer last friday, and it was a preview of coming Couric attractions. I'll post that clip and then try to restrain myself from further analysis.

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