Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I Still Don't Believe It, But...

Evidence grows that Americans' dim consciousness of reality may be penetrating their tribal allegiances to the GOP:
With the midterm elections less than seven weeks away, Americans have an overwhelmingly negative view of the Republican-controlled Congress, with substantial majorities saying that they disapprove of the job it is doing and that its members do not deserve reelection, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

The disregard for Congress is the most intense it has been since 1994, when Republicans captured 52 seats to end four decades of Democratic control of the House and retook the Senate as well.
Selected findings (.pdf):
Better or worse than you were five years ago?
Better - 18%, Worse - 60%

Approve of President Bush?
Approve - 37%, Disapprove - 56%

Approve of Congress?
Approve - 25%, Disapprove - 61%

Approve of your Congressional Rep?
Approve - 53%*, Disapprove - 29%

If the election were held today, would you vote for a Republican or Dem?
Republican - 35%, Dem - 50% (2006)
Republican - 37%, Dem - 39% (1994)

It makes no difference which party controls Congress:
Agree - 36%, Disagree - 62%

Congress accomplished more or less in 2005 and 2006 than usual?
More - 15%, Less - 64%

Congress deserves re-election?
Yes - 12%, No - 77%

How much say do people like you have in government?
Not much - 62%

Which party will make the right decisions about Iraq?
GOP - 37%, Dems - 42%
One other interesting finding: Sometimes justified to torture or never? Sometimes 35%, Never 56%.

*Lowest since 1992.


Chuck Butcher said...

Approve of your Rep 53A-39D is the number that actually worries me. It could be that old, those other guys stink, but our's is ok mindset and that one will sink a lot of hopes.

Jeff Alworth said...

I still think all these barometers are mirages--I've been stung too many times by voters who look to be shifting from the blind allegiance to the GOP weeks before the election, only to fall in line in November. That said, the number you identify is actually low by historical standards--lower even than in '94, when the votes rebelled against the Dems.

I don't believe it, but there you go.

hank said...

wanna bet some money?

Jeff Alworth said...

I'll bet something--either way I win!