Tuesday, September 19, 2006


On the Ducks' Win.

Over the weekend, there was a small controversy in the Oregon-Oklahoma game. Small if you live in Oregon--apparently worse than 9/11 if you live in Oklahoma.

Recap: with three minutes left, the Ducks mounted an impressive drive to cut a 13-point lead to six, leaving just 1:12 on the clock. The resulting onside kick was awarded to them despite what was clearly a Duck violation on the play--which officials failed to overturn on review. The Ducks marched down the field, got another bad call on a deflected pass, and scored almost instantly.

Facts: 1) Oklahoma was robbed on the onside kick call. 2) They were robbed again on the deflected pass call, but this benefited them because it allowed more clock for their own drive. 3) Oklahoma led by 13 with three minutes left and couldn't stop the Ducks. 4) Oklahoma gave up 501 yards to the Ducks. 5) Oklahoma had a chance to win, but failed to kick the field goal.

Interpretation: Life is full of bad calls. Neither team is going to win the national championship, so a loss is just a loss. Given the overwrought reaction of Sooner fans (like this one), the Sooners' recent success, and the long suffering of the Ducks, I can no longer rouse much sympathy. We won--live with it.

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