Tuesday, October 03, 2006

[Foley Scandal]

Put a Fork in 'Em

Okay, I'm finally willing to admit that the Dems have a shot. I figure this scandal will depress the election pretty dramatically--and depress exactly the hard-core "values" voters that have kept the party afloat for six years. They just lost House.

This may also put Webb over the top in Virginia (will the bigoted "Macaca" voters show up?--fewer, for sure). That puts the Senate in play. If I were NJ's Menendez, I'd be running on taking back the Senate--I think it comes down to him. That means control over who gets on the Supreme Court, which of Bush's appointees go fowards, and more.

More analysis at BlueOregon.


Sandra said...


We're still in for the long haul though.

Chuck Butcher said...

I think you're getting a little previous with your glee.

Yep, Foley's gone. But the rest will spin this, they've managed it enough times. The Religous Right is scared so little work will do wonders. They've rushed through their scare Bills in time, now they're the "hard-core" Americans vs the weenie libbs.