Monday, October 30, 2006


Wall Street and the Dems (Pt. 2)

Further evidence that the catastrophic Bush/GOP regime is getting a thumbs down from Wall Street:
You wouldn't think hedge funds would favor the party of taxation and regulation. But the Center on Responsive Politics says about two-thirds of the money the top 50 hedge funds have given this election cycle has gone to Democrats.

Hedge funds and private equity are part of a larger industry: Wall Street. And for the first time in 12 years that industry is also contributing more to Democratic candidates and committees than Republican. The latest score is about 51 percent blue, 48 percent red.
Whattaya bet an increasing share of military ballots turn blue this year, too?

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Adolfo Castellon said...

Both critics and supporters of the war have disagreed about the validity of the rationales, and over whether the ex post facto failure to find weapons "stockpiles" indicates a failure of intelligence. As stated in public rhetoric such goals have changed notably since 2002, and views differ as to whether past statements should be considered "failed goals" (or, again at the extreme, "deceptive premises") for the on line
War proponents have argued a "fight them over there, so we dont have to fight them over here" rationale, which views goals claimed in rhetoric as subordinate to maintaining a positive view toward the continued conflict. In the opinion of some anti-war activists, the rhetorical shift and the lack of success in acheiving a peaceful resolution show evidence of both failure and deception on the part of pro-war government officials and de-legitimizes both the original cause for the invasion as well as any continued support for the war.