Monday, October 16, 2006


Adios Amigos

Most of the Ramones are dead, the Talking Heads are dead, and now, so is CBGB. Rest in peace, venerable ghosts of punk--

Main attraction in a freak side show
Down in the basement where the cobwebs grow
On my last leg just gettin' by
Halo round my read,
too tough to die

At the concert when the band comes on
I am in the ring where I belong
On my last leg just gettin' by
Halo round my head,
too tough to die

1 comment:

Absent Mindful said...

You should blog about the magic of live music venues. As an Oregonian coming of age during the early '90's "modern rock"-era, places like La Luna, 17 Nautical Miles and (the recently re-born) Satyricon exposed me to dozens of great bands and hundreds of life-affirming songs. Not every show was a memorable one, but taken as a collective, the places where I remember the music being played are about as important as the tunes that moved me.