Friday, November 03, 2006



This is going to be a quicker and dirtier post than I had planned, but as an FYI, I'll be away from all media, electronic and otherwise, until Thanksgiving day. I wish I could offer you the meditation on the word "wisdom" I intended (wisdom (n) - ability to discern inner qualities and relationships; insight; good sense) . I'm off to a monastery in the Indian Himalayas, abandoning America before the elections to commemorate the 2-year anniversary of the death of a very wise man. This is different from the "wise men" who led us into war (remember when the media regularly referred to Messrs Cheney and Rumsfeld et. al. thus?). Different because ... well, that was going to be the post. Perhaps I'll write it when I get back.

In any case, hold down the country for me, will ya? Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving.


Chuck Butcher said...

Have yourself a blast (whatever passes for such in those circles)

Kevin Hayden said...

Hey-hey, how's the monk- ees?

Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

Absent Mindful said...

And welcome home to...