Thursday, February 08, 2007

Netroots Linkage

Due to my extraordinarily high-profile in the national blogging community, I get spam from random campaigns. Two in today that I'll pass along.

Mike Gravel (Gruh-VELL, I think), a guy who knows something about obscurity, is not only a US Senator, but a candidate for President. There is an interview with him at a Nevada blog, a fact relevant to you because of his proposal for a national sales tax. He doesn't have a shot, but maybe he'll effectively get this proposal some national attention. It's intriguing.

Also, the netroot supporters of Barack Obama have launched a site designed to elicit policy ideas. It's called Obama Grasstank, which suggests biofuels more than think tank, but perhaps that ain't bad. It's just getting off the ground, but you might keep your eye on it if Obama's your man.

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iggi said...

i'd support a "Fair Tax" if it were really fair...