Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Obama's Polling Strength

A Zogby poll is making the rounds that shows Obama beating all-comers in the general election:
Obama/Giuliani - 46%/40%
Obama/McCain - 44%/40%
Obama/Romney - 51%/29%
No other Dem beats Giuliani or McCain, though everyone beats Romney. The poll turns out to be an outlier, but the trend is similar. In other polls, Obama does better against the three major GOP candidates than do Hillary or Edwards, and is in a tie with McCain. Part of this is that Giuliani and Obama, the two strongest candidates in each party, are the least well-known. Both will see their negatives jump as the country hears more about them. But this is far worse for Giuliani, whose negatives are substantial.

Too early to mean anything, but interesting to see.

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Chuck Butcher said...

It sure is going to be interesting