Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Strange Snickers Ad

I watched about twenty minutes of the Superbowl on a friend's Tivo, and so didn't see any of the vaunted ads. It wasn't until this morning that I heard about the huge Snickers fracas. (Thumbnail: two guys are working on a car and one starts eating a Snickers candy bar. The other, bizarrely, starts eating the other end until, ala 101 Dalmations, they arrive lip-to-lip. They jump back, one says "do something manly" and they tear clumps of chest hair out. While it appears to be a parody of homophobia, the reality, detailed at Americablog, is the opposite. A furor thus ensued, and Snickers has been recanting like crazy.)

When I YouTubed the ad to see what the fuss was about, I stumbled across this Australian ad:

Somebody at M&M Mars thinks gay comedy is heeelarious. Is the ad agency foreign, perhaps? I don't have any commentary at all to add.


Loaded Orygun said...

Aravosis is off his rocker. You were right the first time--it's a parody of homophobia. There are two intended punchlines: one centered around their recoiling from the kiss; and one centered around their attempts to nullify it. Both highlight the theoretical unsophistication of grease monkeys, and don't actually have anything to do with being gay in the first place.

Part of the problem here may in fact be the stereotypical reaction of the viewer, since what they say is not, "Dude, we just did something gay," but "Dude, we just kissed." The response--do something manly--suggests that the antonymal behavior they're trying to get away from was not manly...ie, "effeminate."

The only people who hold that effeminate = gay are people who stereotype gays, right? Imagine if it had been about cross-dressing instead of kissing. We might have heard the same complaint--from peolpe who erroneously believe that transvestism = gayness. (My high school vice-principal was one of those; he cancelled "Dress like the opposite sex day" because he thought it promoted homosexuality.)


Loaded Orygun said...

Ha! I didn't even watch the Aussie commercial before penning the above.


Jeff Alworth said...

The whole thing is pretty bizarre to me--

Chuck Butcher said...

Aw geeze, two guys rip their chest hair out to demonstrate masculinity...who is being jabbed at??

The guys who've spent hours underneath a car with grease gobs falling in their eyes and then trying to track down that little part that just got launched into a dark corner will laugh their asses off, because, believe it or not - we're all f***ing ridiculous - men, women, and whatevers.

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wrench - something to hang onto while smashing knuckles

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