Friday, February 23, 2007

Vilsack Out

This isn't surprising: Tom Vilsack has pulled out of the Presidential race. He's citing money:

"We have everything to win the nomination and the general election," said Vilsack in a statement released by his campaign. "Everything except money."

Vilsack added that the frontloading of the primary process -- with states like California and Florida planning move their primary dates up to early February -- put even more emphasis on the need for campaign cash.

In a little over a month, we're going to see how bad things are being skewed by money (what's the over/under figure for Hillary--$50 million?), but Vilsack's embarrassing foray was not affected by money. In his home state of Iowa, 47% thought it was a "bad idea" for him to run; only 40% thought it was a "good idea." Sometimes you just have to admit the obvious.

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Chuck Butcher said...

Oh darn, Vilsack's campaign was justification for my soon to be announced exploratory committee.