Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hillary is That Bad

Other times I watch TV and I hear Hillary say something like this--cynical in its calculation, false in it's hypothesis, and obvious in its intention--and I think, "Oh God yes, she will be that bad."

Clinton then jumped in to say that, regardless of the soundness of Obama's policy, he should avoid speaking hypothetically as a candidate for president.

"I think it is a very big mistake to telegraph that, and to destabilize the Musharraf regime, which is fighting for its life against the Islamist extremists who are in bed with al-Qaeda and Taliban," she scolded.

I don't know that I can handle another eight years of a Clinton.


Terry said...

The only person I've heard call Hillary on her comment is Jonathan Alter. No serious analyst believes there is any possibility of an Islamist takeover of Pakistan.

To criticize Obama for potentially handing over Pakistan's nukes to terrorists is something that one would expect Bush to say, not a Democratic candidate for president.

It's outrageous.

iggi said...

Kucinich baby.

Terry said...

I thought Kucinich "won" the debate last night, hands down. Why isn't he taken more seriously?