Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kari the Grifter?

My BlueOregon compadre, Kari Chisholm, was today bestowed a rare honor that confirms his and the blog's arrival as media fixtures: he was declared Rogue of the Week by Willamette Week.
The Rogue Desk isn’t known for playing nice. We like it when politicians mix it up. But we’re calling foul on Democratic media consultant Kari Chisholm , who runs the blog, for excessive use of bullshit in his mud-slinging.

This week, Chisholm accused Novick of buying into the Republican “swiftboating” of Jeff Merkley, Oregon’s House Speaker and Smith’s more established challenger.
The delighted Chisholm responded, sheepishly, that he wasn't really worthy:
I feel bad, of course. My Rogueishness just doesn't seem to stack up with the high standard set by previous Rogues.... Because when they're calling out bloggers for "bullshit" in the 43rd comment on a blog post, that must mean there aren't any scam artists, wetlands polluters, witness-intimidating thugs, salmon-killing congressmen, con artists, bottom-feeding lawyers, or guys named Alberto Gonzales that are really putting the hurt on Oregonians.
When we launched the site in '04, WW and the Oregonian wouldn't even deign to credit us when they refered to "liberal blogs" or used our stories for their own. So it is with some pride and--all right, envy, I'll admit it--that I tip my hat to Kari. We've hit the big time now, man!

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Kari Chisholm said...

Thanks, Jeff. And good to see you tonight at the celebration at Rogue Ales.