Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Wins the Nobel

Al Gore is the new Nobel peace laureate, an accolade he richly deserves. Global warming, which I used to write about extensively on this blog (back in the period when I was writing extensively), is the greatest threat to global security. As weather patterns change, water grows scares (or violent), famines and disease spread, neighbors will be thrown against one another. The right's latest package of snake oil on the subject now includes an admission that it is happening, but that it's probably not caused by humans (it's natural!) and anyway we can't do anything about it. But this is a tacit admission that the consequences are going to be staggering.

Al Gore was the guy who made it a serious issue, freed the US from blocking change, and got us on the (slow, shaky) path to addressing the issue. He's a mensch for laboring in the trenches, out of power and out of sight, to make global warming a (pardon the pun) front-burner issue. If ethics is what you do when no one is looking, then true public service is what you do when no one is voting for you. Congrats, Al!

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