Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bizarro World

“Earlier in the day, before a crowd of New Hampshire college students, Romney said that the policies of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards were similar to those of a Communist dictatorship. Their ideas, he said pointedly, 'didn’t work for the Soviet Union.'”
--Mitt Romney, quoted in the New Yorker, Oct 29, 07

“Shirley MacLaine writes in her new book that you sighted a UFO over her home in Washington state, that you found the encounter extremely moving, that it was a triangular craft, silent and hovering, that you 'felt a connection to your heart and heard directions in your mind.'”
--Tim Russert to Dennis Kucinich, Oct 31, 07
One candidate is consistent, straightforward, humorous, and serious about policy issues; one will say whatever leaps to his mind to win a convert, is evasive, slick, and wholly unserious about policy issues ("we ought to double Guantanamo"). One is a vegan, one lies about having been a hunter. One candidate is regarded as a lunatic for proposing a department devoted to actively spreading peace in dangerous regions of the world; the other is taken seriously despite believing that an illiterate in upstate New York found gold plates left by an angel that detail the history of a lost tribe of Israel's visit to North America and resulting war with Native Americans.

Dennis Kucinich is a national laughingstock, and Mitt Romney is the front-runner in the first two primaries.

There are times when I think we are at the moment when the scales fall from our eyes as a nation and we are re-introduced to reality. Then there are times when I think the madness is so profound that we will henceforth dwell in our own private bizarro world. Today I am not hopeful.


Anonymous said...

Good, big picture writing both yesterday and today. I agree with your bizarro world reflections and it does feel like the sky is falling but that's not really a new thing. Just keep the perspective.

cwilcox said...

More bizzaro...I wonder what it says about our parties that Mitt is a front runner and Kucinich has a snowballs chance in hell.

So last night SWMBO and I were watching the debate and we both agreed that we love what Kucinich has to say. And then we wondered if we loved what he said because it is what we wanted to hear, if what he says would be even remotely possible in the "real world." and we decided...he has a snowballs chance in hell.

...dang...and I was stumped for a post topic for Thursday...gotta run!

Chuck Butcher said...

I'll hand you a little more bizzaro, progressives backing the plutocratic agenda to the loss of the working person. I'm real careful not to claim progressive, I make it clear, lefty Democrat. I'm way too left to take those positions.