Friday, October 19, 2007

A Bush Civics Lesson: The Veto

I pay less attention to Bush than I used to, and so sometimes miss things like this:
That's why the President has a veto. Sometimes the legislative branch wants to go on without the President, pass pieces of legislation, and the President then can use the veto to make sure he's a part of the process. And that's -- as you know, I fully intend to do. I want to make sure -- and that's why, when I tell you I'm going to sprint to the finish, and finish this job strong, that's one way to ensure that I am relevant; that's one way to sure that I am in the process. And I intend to use the veto.
Scholars take note, this theory may be new to you.


cwilcox said...

LMAO! "Scholars take note..." That comment made my day! Thanks Jeff.

STG said...

"Sprint to the finish" - that's a beauty too.