Thursday, October 18, 2007

Metaphor for a Failed Regime

Vincente Fox, on Real Time last week:
"You know in that visit, when I took him to see this beautiful stallion that I ride--and have ridden all my life, since I was two years old--I noticed that he was a little bit trembling, a little bit afraid of touching the horse. And then when I invited him to ride it he said, "No no, no--security will not allow me to ride that horse. And then I paid a visit back here in Texas and he invited me to go around his farm there. By the way, a very modest home that he's got there. And he was driving this pick-up, this beautiful pick-up. And so, I could notice that he knows how to drive a pick-up, but he doesn't know how to ride a horse."
Story of this administration: all Levis and no balls.


Anonymous said...

Black & Scaleys In '08!!!!

cwilcox said...

I still like the popular, "all hat no cattle" moniker for chimpy.