Monday, November 05, 2007

East Coast Bias

An infrequent sports post, just because I can't resist. Your recriminations are already noted. Move along.

It is likely, barring upset, that Ohio State will play LSU in the national championship game. There are a host of one-loss teams, plus the dubiously good Kansas Jayhawks, who have beaten only one team this year with a winning record, so someone's gonna be unhappy. As far as I can tell, no one is really considering moving Oregon up to number two, and this is just weird. Have a look at the winning percentage of the teams played by the top five-ranked schools:
.519 - Ohio State (10-0)
.595 - LSU (8-1)
.568 - Oregon (8-1)
.407 - Kansas (9-0)
.488 - Oklahoma (8-1)
Oregon has defeated three teams with one or two losses. Ohio State has defeated none; LSU one. Oregon has defeated three top-25 teams, losing to one. Ohio State has played no teams currently in the top 25. LSU has played the toughest schedule of all--four teams it beat are currently top-25, as is the one that beat it (though four of the five are ranked 17 or below, while Oregon beat the 9, 12, and 13th-ranked teams). Oklahoma, which always whines about its lot, has no room here to complain; they've beaten only two top-25 teams (7 and 15) and lost to unranked Colorado.

I don't mind LSU jumping in front of Oregon, but there's at least an argument for Oregon to be higher up. And, if you're going to drop the Jayhawks all the way to fourth despite an undefeated season, how do you have Ohio State at the top? In fact, any team that scheduled Youngstown State, Akron, Northwestern, and Kent State at home ought to be assessed a loss just on principle.


Patrick Emerson said...

I am less inclined to worry about an east coast bias than I am about how preseason polls (which are patently absurd given all the new players each team has, injuries, etc.) end up still influencing things at the end. LSU is ahead of Oregon for that reason. If Oregon had started the season at #5 and LSU at #20, Oregon would be #2 now.

Jeff Alworth said...

I see bogeymen everywhere: Oregon wasn't ranked higher because (put on your tin hats, boys, we're going into conspiracy theoryland) there's an East Coast bias.

Actually, I sort of forgot that's what I titled it. The post went in a slightly different direction.

forest gump said...

artificial f*ckin drama, trimming toe nails has more impact on my life, and everyone elses.

i hear college football is havin a real good affect on higher education.

and lastly i heard ohio is in the midwest- tee hee