Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Candidates' Net Worth: $385.2 million

You know Mitt Romney is the richest candidate running for president. But did you know that Hillary Clinton has a net worth of $34.9 million? Who says public service doesn't pay? Have a look at a CNN report out this week (apparently the story was started before Huckabee became a serious contender):
Democrats' Net Worth - $90.6 million
$54.4 million - John Edwards ($44m in cash and stock)
$34.9 million - Hillary Clinton ($30m in cash and bonds)
$1.3 million - Barack Obama ($250,000 in cash)

Republicans Net Worth - $294.6 million
$202 million - Mitt Romney ($19m in cash.
$52.2 million - Rudy Giuliani ($21m in cash and stock)
$40.4 million - John McCain ($2.1m in cash)
Clearly, only Obama is by any stretch a middle class candidate. And he may legitimately be called one. Most of his wealth comes from his $1.9m home. Since we now have something like $400k in real estate, thanks to a crazy housing market, I don't regard this as signs of blue blood. (We bought our first house in '99 with 3% down--or about $6,000, including closing costs--and everything since then has been appreciation. You didn't have to be a financial wizard to make money in the early '00s.) Obama's also in the hole $1.3 million, probably due to mortgages and student loans. All of that looks pretty familiar to the average American.

Remind me: why is Hillary so much the friend of the little guy? Why is Obama the candidate of the Democratic elite?

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cwilcox said...

Damn, it looks like it pays more to be a Republican though. I'm heading down to the voter registration office tomorrow...
How do these guys do it? Congressional salaries in 2006 were $165,000 per year. With kids, car payments and a mortgage that just doesn't go as far as it used to. And these guys are constantly traveling, eating out, entertaining...Something stinks!