Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Well, screw it. I'm so disgruntled by this Obama news I'm off to Hawaii. Actually, the two events are not related, but it's a sweet coincidence. No better way to nurse your sorrows than gazing through plexiglass into turquoise waters at tropical fish and the stray sea turtle. The occasion is the demise of my youth, perhaps referenced here. I go a thirty-something and return a forty-year-old.

I'm likely to keep abreast of what's going on and may well continue to blog irregularly--which by this point means regularly. Or maybe not. We'll see.

In any case, keep the faith--


chris wilcox said...

Happy Damn Birthday Jeff! And enjoy that trip. WOW, Hawaii, wouldn't have room for a 260 bloggin' buddy from the frozen cornfields of Iowa in your suitcase would ya?

Chuck Butcher said...

happy Birthday, that particular change was long enough ago I barely remember it. I'll manage envy out here in snowy cold NE OR

Jeff Alworth said...

Chris--sorry, I missed this and we've already landed. With so much stuff they may have been suspicious.

Chuck, I appreciate the relativity of this milestone, but it is nevertheless a big one based on my own sample size. I'm looking out over the pacific ocean as I write (sunny, 81 degrees, cup of medium roast Kona at my side), so all things considered, I'm bucking up under the strain fairly well.

Plus, the Packers just won, so all's well. (I watched that game at a oceanside pub amid, naturally, a mostly packer crowd. Great way to watch a game in the frozen tundra.)

chris wilcox said...

You have a mean streak in you don't you Jeff! and by the way, lol, HUGE TYPO in my comment. That should have read 360! You may have had a problem sneaking me on board. That 81 degree beach setting, sipping Kona blend and watching the Pack dominate almost brought a tear to my eye... enjoy!

Chuck Butcher said...

I hope you've enjoyed it, it's been sub-zero in Baker City, highs in the teens.