Thursday, January 03, 2008


Imagining myself like a member of the Rebel Alliance, cheering all good news from the front. Two bits.

From the Iowa Independent:
[Exclusive] Gov. Bill Richardson's campaign is expected to direct its supporters to caucus for Sen. Barack Obama in the second round of voting at Thursday's caucuses in precincts where he is not viable. Two sources familiar with the plan told Iowa Independent that the New Mexico governor's organizers have been instructed to direct supporters to Obama in the places where they have not reached the 15 percent threshold for viability.
[Update. Richardson, Obama camps deny the report.]

From Intrade:
Current markets on Intrade--Obama's trading at 70 and Hillary at 20 on the Intrade market. Edwards is running third at 17. Huckleberry is fairly thumping Romney, too, 70 to 29. Weirdly enough, McCain is out in front on the overal nomination trading. Hillary still leads the Dem pack, though that may change once Obama wins Iowa!

Just 3.45 hours to kickoff...

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