Sunday, January 27, 2008

Or Maybe Not

What was I saying about Clinton getting the institutional backing?
Neither candidate has the money or time to campaign in all the states, so they'll choose the ones they think they can win and depend on surrogates to do the campaigning for them in states they can't visit/place ads in.... They will have the juice to flip surrogates, in large part because everyone will see the same numbers I do for Feb 5.
Umm, never mind:
Rejecting a personal entreaty from President Bill Clinton, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) plans to endorse Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) for president in a joint appearance on Monday, Democratic sources said. [link]

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D-KS) will deliver the Democratic response to the State of the Union on Monday. And then Tuesday or Wednesday, she plans to endorse Barack Obama, numerous Democratic sources said. [link]

The disclosure also comes the same weekend that the House's highest-ranking Latino, California Rep. Xavier Becerra, also announced that he is backing Obama. [link]
I will say this: the zaniness of polls does suggest that something bizarre is afoot. People are not behaving like they say they'll behave. They're erratic, volatile, and sentimental. All of that is good news for Obama. If he's got any shot, it has to be an outlier year. Any more of this high-profile endorsing business, and I'll actually start to believe the guy's got a shot. (Then doom befalls us.)

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Chuck Butcher said...

Ok, I'm not an Obamaniac, not even. But you've ignored a point I've made about Hillary from before her announcement, people will like her less with exposure. She is a triangulating corporate whore and she plays politics without shame.

The FL & MI delegation flap is going to explode in her face, an amateur could make her look bad with that one and Obama's team is not that. It plays to his strong suit. The Party is not going to be happy with her over it, either. Being neutral the DNC can't say much about her publicly, but believe that their unhappiness is being heard.

Obama played the Clintons like a cheap sax, they made squawking noises to his dulcet tones, I don't mind that. People don't like the kind of shit she's gotten up to, aw screw the racism bs, it didn't happen, but their dismissal of Obama did, and he's not dismissable and people don't see him that way.

You want to make a strike on Hillary, "who is Hillary without Bill, a one more term than Obama NY senator. So what?" Her experience mantra isn't selling so well so far, cut it out from under her. But a real loser is arguing that Hillary is mean to Obama, it's politics and Dem on Dem isn't Rep on Dem. Obama's team has figured out how to turn their attacks back on them, let them do it.

I hope you get snowed on - beach boy. We've gotten over 4" this evening so far, but at least it's not sub-zero.