Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Edwards' Endorsement Redux

As he weighs a possible endorsement in the Democratic race, former Sen. John Edwards is as split as the party he once hoped to lead — and is seriously considering supporting Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, despite the sharp criticism he leveled at her on the campaign trail, according to former aides and advisers.
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Joe Bertagnolli said...

Why do you suppose he may endorse Clinton over Obama? Some of the MSM scuttlebutt is saying that "Clinton's Health Care platform is arguably more universal than Obama's." Do you think that's it? It's difficult to imagine him supporting Clinton over Obama given her corporate and war collusions. She's never going to beat McCain where Gore and Kerry couldn't even beat Bush. It seems that Edwards would be betting on her to name him as the VP candidate, but he will be better off hitching his wagon to Obama's star.