Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Madness in the Badger State

As always, I wake up gloomy on the day of primaries. It's Pavlovian--losing so often over 30 years leaves me with an autonomous reaction of disappointment. Maybe Obama will win today, but I fear the cagey badgers going wrong. Three things:
  1. Righties voting for Hillary in the open primary because they fear Obama;
  2. Blue-collar rural voters reacting to the culture cues Hillary's putting out and rejecting the "elitism" of Obama;
  3. Blowback from Obama's good run, fatigue over his message, and effective tarnishing by Clinton.
Dunno what will happen, but my erstwhile homestaters are capable of anything. They elected Joe McCarthy, remember?

Incidentally, I'm taking a break on politics after this post (with some backsliding, no doubt, when the results come in), to do my annual Jeffies--the thinking cineaste's response to the odious Oscars.

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