Monday, March 03, 2008

Hillary Rising

All the news points to a Clinton rally: she's beaten back the attack in Ohio (Obama's staying in Texas through tomorrow), and has regained mo in Texas. There's Canuck-gate and Rezko-gate and the 3am phone call and the dueling tweed jackets. Advantage Clinton down the line. Oh, and then there's this: Ohio Republicans are rallying to Clinton because they don't want to face Obama, says an unnamed reader of a blog.

But hey, Obama appears to be closing in Rhode Island.

As always, I'm feeling grim about things. Unexpectedly, I'm not alone. Hillary ain't done yet. If this post works, you'll see that I've got a poll up. This is an amusing feature, given that the reader can be of only so many minds. But let's see what s/he thinks (full discloser, she: hi mom!), anyway.

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Chris Wilcox said...

I'm hoping Obama can pull out a Texas win. As for Ohio, they gave us George Bush so I don't expect them to step up now.